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Sometimes the terms sado or sadomasochism are used to refer to BDSM , although both terms are wrong, it is because the practices covered by BDSM are varied and admit a large number of different manifestations, it is also supported and always based on the consensus of the participants, Furthermore, BDSM practices should always be in a safe, sensible and consensual way.

Other terms in BDSM porn are bondage, dominance, discipline, spanking, spanking, submission, and a long etcetera of similar terms.
Do you like BDSM porn? Are you one of those who enjoys watching two people play with domination and submission? Well, you will find a great compilation of XXX BDSM videos that you will surely enjoy as the most where you can see slaves with their mistresses, bondage, spanking, humiliation, submission and even a little violence, and that is that all this, It has a very high morbid and sensual component.

Sado Porn

If you do not know exactly what BDSM is, we will explain it to you, so that from now on it is clear to you and you will enjoy more when you watch these porn videos , because we also understand that it is a dark world, and not everyone has to know about that this type of pornography goes.
BDSM is a porn term created to encompass a group of sexual practices and erotic fantasies and its term comes from an acronym formed with the initials of the following words: Bondage; Discipline and Domination; Submission and Sadism; and Masochism.
It is very typical to see videos of lesbians practicing sadomaso with strapon and phallic belts.

Sadomasochism is undoubtedly sometimes one of the strongest things that can be seen on the internet, although it is also really morbid. A person calls himself a masochist when he enjoys the pleasure of feeling pain and being totally dominated. It is the complete opposite of sadism, which is enjoying providing pain to another person.
So in these videos you can find both masochism and sadistic people, which makes them a brutal combination always related to pleasure and pain.
Also many of these films are related to bdsm or even bondage, since it is really a pleasant sex, at the same time extravagant and sometimes even bizarre.


The best of all is that, in addition to enjoying watching these sado videos, you can also learn things such as how to tie your partner or how to give the typical erotic spankings so often demanded.

Sadistic sex is in fashion, it even becomes commercial
It is no secret that the movie Fifty Shades of Gray revolves around sadomasochism in which the girl ends up realizing that she fits perfectly in the role of masoch hypnotized by the evident sadism of her master.

So it is likely that more and more men and women are interested in exercising the role of total submission and even humiliation. And it is that humiliation sometimes plays a key role in the entire role between master and the subject.

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